6 December 2018

Camp Breakaway’s Christmas Gift

Arcare Kanwal residents recently attended a special Camp Breakaway Christmas celebration at San Remo.

Camp Breakaway is a charitable organisation that specialises in providing respite care for people with disabilities and their carers.

Each year, the organisation invites aged care providers in the area to a day of entertainment and socialising as special Christmas gift.

The amazing full orchestra band played Christmas carols and classical music, which suited our residents very much.

Apart from the entertainment and company, the food was also plenty!

The Camp Breakaway staff began serving morning tea scones and pastries before following with a variety of sandwiches and finishing with dessert.

Residents were like kids in a candy store, with tea and coffee on tap throughout the entire event.

‘I didn’t know where to fit my lunch after what they gave us at the event,’ said Betty Lyn.

‘It’s like a buffet, they kept giving us more. One after the other!’

It was a delightful outing for the residents, as they had the opportunity to socialise with others at the event, sip on a cuppa and enjoy great entertainment.

‘I used to drive around this area and it’s interesting to see what they neighbourhood looks like now,’ said Patricia Whittaker.

‘Times do change.’

Before the celebration came to an end a lucky door raffle was drawn.

Residents eagerly held onto their tickets, hoping to hear their number called.

Although none of our Kanwal residents won, they were able to take their table decorations back to Arcare as memorabilia of the event.

It was definitely a day to remember for the Arcare Kanwal residents. full of cheer and laughter.

They returned to the residence with full bellies and with great Christmas spirit!

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