31 October 2019

Can I have ice cream everyday at Arcare North Shore?

On a hot Thursday afternoon, the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck echoed through the Arcare North Shore residence.

When the clients hear this jingle, their ears prick up and their eyes open.

It was time for ice cream sundaes!

Because of the very hot weather in sunny North Queensland, it’s normal for the clients’ faces to light up when it’s ice cream sundae time.

The thought of a cool yummy treat in the growing heat just fills them with excitement!

Clients were given the option of gooey caramel sauce, rich chocolate fudge or a sweet strawberry drizzle paired with frosty vanilla ice cream and flavourful banana slices.

“This is my favourite flavour! I could eat this everyday if I could!” Nancy said.

To make it extra special, rainbow sprinkles dusted the vanilla ice cream surface, leaving mouths watering throughout the whole residence.

After everyone’s orders were taken and while the ice creams were being served, our Men’s Group were the first to receive this deliciously cold treat.

“Oh, I can’t wait to dig in!” Maurie exclaimed.

Not many words were spoken as the clients were simply too busy enjoying and savouring their ice cream sundaes.

An ice cream sundae may seem ordinary to some, but to the clients, it means the world to them to be able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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