25 August 2020

Carol’s crochet creations for Glenhaven’s mask issue

Client Carol has been improving the daily lives of Arcare Glenhaven’s team members by crocheting and sewing mask strips!

These strips of cotton, complete with buttons, have been helping to hold our team members’ masks in place.

Carol decided to make them after noticing many of the team members complaining of the masks slipping down their face or hurting their ears.

So, she thought to herself, there must be a simple way to fix the problem!

Now, Carol loves to crochet and sew so she trialled making the masks strips out of wool but soon realised that it would be too hot.

So, she began making them in cotton, which is much more breathable.

Our Glenhaven team members are loving her little creations and it has solved a big problem for them!

Word has travelled fast among the Glenhaven residence and now, people are putting in their orders with Carol, even having the option to select their own colours and style of buttons.

Carol shared with us that she is just happy that she can help in some way during these hard times.

We all think it is wonderful for Carol to show her love and care by making these for us!

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