24 April 2020

Catching up with Trish through the doors of Arcare Peregian Springs

Ralph usually has an afternoon nap in the residence of Arcare Peregian Springs, but when Ralph was informed by Lifestyle Coordinator Di that he had an admirer who wanted to talk to him, he wondered which of his friends it could be. Ralph was smiling from ear to ear when he saw his very good friend of four years, Trish. They have known each other for four years, ever since Ralph moved into the residence.

Trish is one the many entertainers here at Arcare Peregian Springs who has been with us from the start.

Ralph and his late wife Doreen, like many of the clients, have developed great friendships with our long-term entertainers.

Trish brought Ralph a gift and they talked through the window for about 40 minutes.

When they finished chatting, Ralph shared with us that he felt like a very lucky man to have such great friends.

Ralph was overwhelmed by Trish’s genuine friendship and kindness, especially in visiting him during the preventative lockdown period.

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