16 July 2019

Celebrating Arcare Maroochydore’s 5th birthday with Isabell Webb, 102 years old

On a beautifully sunny Friday afternoon, team members at Arcare Maroochydore were busily setting up furniture, decorating the theatre, preparing food and drinks and putting the photo booth wall together.

All of this was done in preparation for the residence’s 5th birthday celebration! As the clock turned two, clients, carers and families arrived in pairs, each wearing party clothes to suit the mood.

At the photo booth wall, everyone wore feather boas around their necks, glittery hats on their heads and confidently posed with cut-out speech bubbles.

Silver and purple balloons lined the walls of the residence from the entrance to the theatre, inviting visitors into the bustling atmosphere. The colourful tablecloths and centrepieces also added to the surplus amount of colour.

In the morning, the gift of a vintage stopwatch adorably wrapped in a luggage gift box was given to all the clients.

Towards the theatre, the melodic sounds of a piano drifted through the mix of conversations and laughter. As carers weaved through the crowd of people and furniture to get food, clients happily chatted to one another while sipping on their sweet drinks.

As the music continued to go on, clients got up to dance while some sang along from their seats.

Isabell Webb, 102 years old

When Arcare Maroochydore first opened in May 2014, Isabell Webb was one of the first clients to move in. Now at 102 years old, she has grown alongside it and seen all the changes at the residence.

Although Isabell is private and likes having her own space, she has made a number of close friends. Since coming to Arcare Maroochydore, Isabell has also formed a very good friendship with her carer Wendy.

A Melbourne-bred girl who worked with lace embroidery on gowns, Isabell has always had an eye for detail and a love for pretty things.

She is very particular about the way she is dressed, as seen at the birthday celebration where she carefully picked out her light pink dress, her dainty pearl necklaces and her matching shoes. She certainly knows how to groom and dress herself to perfection!

Being the second oldest out of five children in her family, Isabell was trained to take on a big sister role from an early age.

During the war, she went on a boat to Sydney and never looked back. She never married and has no children. As Isabell said, “There is always so much going on, and with the Aussie boys being overseas, I was definitely not going anywhere near those American boys!”

Everyone can surely testify that at 102 years old, Isabell Webb continues to be fiercely independent.

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