1 April 2020

Celebrating Harmony Day at Arcare Kanwal

In mid-March, the clients at Arcare Kanwal celebrated Harmony Day with many gathering in the halls to participate in activities.

A few team members had come to work dressed up in their traditional clothing and they even brought in different items from their home country .

For example, a stuff toy called a lechon (a whole Roast Pig) and a small decorative transportation vechicle to share with everyone.

The Lifestyle team set up a mini museum and placed the items on the table, together with a small description of the item for the clients to find out more.

β€˜It was interesting learning about the different cultures we have here,’ client Kerry McNicol stated.

Registered Nurse Abby & Personal Support Worker Romeo serenaded the clients during the activity and even sang a couple of songs in different languages – The Prayer (Italian song), Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (Filipino Song) and Shallow (English Song).

β€˜I did not know that our staff have hidden talents. It was nice listening to songs in different languages.’ stated client Marilyn Bush.

Tongan Personal Support Worker Monica and Filipino Lifestyle Co-ordinator Cristina shared their traditional clothes and discussed their own cultures with the clients.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with chatting and laughing as clients shared their own personal journeys to Australia.

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