20 September 2019

Celebrating Marjorie’s 98th birthday surrounded by loved ones

This story is written by Kathy Willmington, Volunteer at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

Life can be full of surprises and for Marjorie Byrnes, becoming a Nan at 90 years of age was a true divine blessing, one that she thought she would never have.

Her only son Peter was always her pride and joy and when he married Anthea, they were destined to be just a couple and enjoy a wonderful life experience together as just two.

However, Mother Nature had her own plans and surprised them with a little bundle of joy- when both parents were in midlife years.

Having a baby over 50 naturally is not easy,and doctors and medical staff say it is a miracle.

The excitement grew as the due date arrived for this much wanted little boy to arrive and he did so on national television.

The 60 minutes film crew came and recorded a lovely welcome to baby Nicholas, and parents Peter and Anthea became famous and Marjorie became a celebrity Nanna at the age of 90.

Whilst most people are slowing down at 90 years old, our Marjorie Byrnes found her passion for life as this new little family member offered her a reason to live a long life.

Her legacy now lives on through a new generation.

Marjorie celebrated 98 years on the 12th September 2019.

Her family, friends, and Arcare companions all joined together in our lounge room to enjoy such a wonderful occasion.

Rickie our Lifestyle Coordinator arranged for a pianist to play beautiful soft melodies whilst everyone enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.

The theme was Pink as it is Marjorie’s favourite colour and she tells me often that the reason she loves Pink is that when she was young, it was unheard of to wear pink if you had Red Hair. Her mother made her wear yellow and green and when she left home she started her love affair of Pink.

Marjorie Byrnes – a tribute to you today. Your wonderful gentle caring spirit oozes out and delights all who surround you. 98 years young in years only, you are a proud treasure in Arcare Sanctuary Manors and we adore you.

Let’s recognise those clients in our care that are in their 90’s who can shine a light for us younger folk to embrace each day and make every encounter meaningful.

Marjorie your true loves are your son Peter and Grandson Nicholas along with your lovely daughter in law Anthea, but we all lay claim to loving you too. You are indeed our Matriarch here at Arcare Sanctuary Manors.

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