16 May 2018

Celebrating Mother’s Day

It was wonderful to see mothers, daughters, grandmothers and grandchildren together celebrating Mother’s Day at Arcare Keysborough in May.

Natalie Jay, one of the community’s favourite entertainers, played some brilliant tunes which the group couldn’t help but tap their toes to and sing along with.

Shirley made sure to request her favourite song: Blue Moon. She spoke with her friends about Mother’s Days she has enjoyed in the past. This year she celebrated with all her grandchildren and the newest edition to her family, her great grandchild.

It was a special occasion for everyone to be together.

It was particularly memorable for Stella and Andrea who were surprised to hear their names being called out as the winners of the raffle. They couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces for the rest of the afternoon.

Stella remarked, ‘I never win anything! I am so happy to share the raffle with my daughter.’

Arcare Aged Care Keysborough Celebrating Mothers Day 2 Jpeg

Keysborough’s Biggest Morning Tea

Arcare Aged Care Keysborough Australias Biggest Morning Tea Jpeg

The Keysborough Community generously donated $180 in May through fundraising efforts to support the Cancer Council of Victoria.

They were the host of ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ which brought friends, family, team members and volunteers together to have fun and contribute to this worthy cause.

One client had just undergone cancer treatment so was unfortunately unable to take part in the day. Despite this, she was still one of the first people to generously make a donation.

The big draw card of the day was the exciting door prize, with everyone wanting to buy last minute tickets to be in the running.

Zara was pleasantly surprised to have won the door prize. A deserving winner, Zara’s daughter Daniele has been a wonderful support to the community in the past by donating many things to help with special events.

A big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped with organizing the event.


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