14 October 2019

Celebrating Oktoberfest at Arcare Slacks Creek

During the busy month of October, we held an Oktoberfest concert and high tea for the clients at our Arcare Slacks Creek aged care residence.

In preparation for the Oktoberfest concert, the clients had the opportunity to get involved by making their very own alpine hats during various craft workshops.

These alpine hats are an icon for any Oktoberfest party and we can confidently say that the clients did a great job at making them!

As we all celebrated Oktoberfest together with some delicious food and live music, the clients sang along loudly to popular songs and a couple of them even got up for a dance in the dining and lounge areas.

The clients at Arcare Slacks Creek love being a part of all event planning and setting up!

From making a big roulette wheel for their Casino Royale event to putting together snowy pinecones for the Winter Wonderland, it’s wonderful to see the clients so enthusiastic about the themed events!

The clients contribute so much to these events and being able to work together as a team builds their confidence and morale.

And it’s not just clients that make up the team; everyone including the residence mangers, residence team members, clients, families, volunteers and the local community all get involved!

Stay tuned to keep up to date with the amazing array of events and parties at our Arcare Slacks Creek aged care residence.

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