29 May 2019

Celebrating our lovely volunteers at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

This story is written by Kathy Willmington, Volunteer at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

Volunteers from all around Australia celebrated a special day recently. It was a day where our lovely volunteers’ efforts were recognised.

Our volunteers at Arcare Sanctuary Manors and they are Lynne, Kathy, and

Each lady was presented with a volunteer certificate and a special pin to recognise their contribution to the community.

All over Australia, Arcare is surrounded by a group of special people who kindly give up their time to befriend our clients.

They participate in social activities, they are there to lend a listening ear and to accompany our clients on outings or appointments, sometimes they even host games and craft sessions.

At our celebration of volunteers, we were very thrilled to hear Pam Alexander speak about her love of being involved with Arcare Sanctuary Manors.

She spoke with passion about the joy that being a volunteer brings to her personally.

She also strongly reminded us all the friendship, wisdom and knowledge that our clients have offered freely to them.

Because of their strong friendship, Pam and the other volunteers at Sanctuary Manors likened many of our clients as their favourite Aunts and Uncles.

During Volunteer week at Sanctuary Manors, it is a time where little moments equal big rewards – friendship.

We want to give a big thank you to our volunteers through all our Arcare facilities who visit each week.

We are very grateful to them for giving up their time to make someone else’s day a little more enjoyable.

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