18 June 2020

Celebrating Sara’s 100 years of life

On Tuesday 2nd June, Arcare Caulfield client, Sara celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by the Caulfield team and community.

In the morning, presents were delivered by the dozens from family and friends. Team members helped Sara open and read all her beautiful cards from family and friends, including a giant card that had been signed by the entire Arcare Caulfield team.

The lifestyle team ordered a beautiful bunch of flowers and balloons to decorate Sara’s favourite corner of the lounge room with. Sara received a huge surprise as she enter the piano lounge and couldn’t thank the team enough.

At lunchtime, the clients and her dedicated carers gathered around her in the dining room to sing Sara Happy Birthday and watch as she blew out her candles.

In the afternoon, Sara and the rest of the community sat down to enjoy a personalized Zoom concert with Jenny Lee, going through a hundred years of music .

Sara sat at the front with her cousin, Roz and other clients cheered her with a glass of champagne.

Sara was clapping and singing to all the different music over the decades. During the concert, Sara was presented again with another large birthday cake, where again, everyone sang her Happy Birthday.

When asked by a team member, what the key to living a long and happy life is, Sara said, “The art of living to 100 is, don’t worry about things you can’t control and enjoy every day as it comes.”

The Arcare Caulfield community would like to wish Sara a very Happy 100th Birthday and Happy Returns!

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