29 June 2020

Celebrating three years of Arcare North Shore

The birthday celebrations for Arcare North Shore were underway for clients and team members as the community celebrated their three-year milestone.

The morning started off with a bang in the Saunders community as clients danced and sang their way through the morning.

Music was provided by two of our favourite performers, Trevor and Tish, who are no strangers to our community.

However, due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions, both the Lifestyle team and the duo had to find an alternative way for them to celebrate with us.

This resulted in a pre-recorded concert just for the clients of Arcare North Shore with their favourite songs.

Around noon, we celebrated our team members to thank them for all their hard work and dedication.

They enjoyed a lunch consisting of fresh sushi platters, Subway, drinks and birthday cake!

North Shore also happens to share a birthday with client Olive Bell.

For dessert, the whole community enjoyed beautifully-decorated cupcakes and Olive was surprised at lunch with her own birthday cake, which left her smiling from ear to ear!

‘Happy birthday to me and Arcare!’ Olive said.

In the afternoon, the celebrations continued with loud cheers and singing as the Bohle and Pallarenda communities were in full swing!

Even though the party was divided into separate loungerooms, the clients had a lot of fun dancing and singing along to Trevor and Tish’s performance while devouring delicious treats provided by our wonderful catering team.

Clients were in a jovial mood as they enjoyed a splash of Midori and lemonade or a glass of wine or beer. ‘That was such a lovely time, what an amazing day!’ Phyllis said.

The community of Arcare North Shore has shown great spirit over the last three years. We would like to thank all our team members for their dedication to the community and to the clients and their families for filling the residence with so much love.

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