17 July 2019

Ciao Italy!

The S.S. Nirvana docked in virtual Italy on Tuesday 9th July. The Arcare Nirvana clients were eager to disembark the ship, and explore and experience Italian culture for the day.

Cruise director and lifestyle coordinator, Delia started off the day with a virtual guided walking tour of Italy.

The tour started in Rome, where the passengers learnt all about Roman culture and landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trevi fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica. Several clients recalled fond memories of visiting the landmarks on their travels, and how beautiful and grand the landmarks are in real life.

Delia made a short, but detailed presentation on each destination and landmark, sharing images to convey what she was talking about.

The clients also toured the Vatican City, the Amalfi Coast, Carpi, Pisa, Lake Como, Naples, Florence, Milan and Venice.

After the passengers enjoyed their Italian-themed lunch organised by the chef, Delia treated them all to a spectacular one-woman show. Delia had dressed for the occasion, wearing a sparkly black dress and feather in her hair.

Delia used to work and perform on 5-star cruise ships and felt more than comfortable to take to the stage once again for the beloved clients. Delia reminiscenced about her experiences travelling to Italy and singing aboard a ship, before starting the show.

As a part of the performance, Delia sang some of her favourite songs from her days as being a cruise entertainer, and also sang some jazz classics. Many of the clients swayed along to the sweet melodies, and remarked how beautiful Delia’s voice was. As a result of Delia’s beautiful performance, many of the clients have now requested for her to sing on a regular basis.

In the evening, the Captain’s Cocktail Party was hosted in the downstairs lounge room on the ship. Passengers and crew were asked to dress in something black and sparkly for the Venetian masquerade themed party. Everyone looked spectacular in their glitzy outfits.

The party was an excellent opportunity for everyone to reflect on the event-filled day, while sipping on delicious gin and tonics. Italian orderves such as arancini balls were served a light pre-dinner snack.

The cruise had been so enjoyable for some, that they were eagerly asking at the party, where they were going to be sailing to next. When told that they would be visiting Iceland tomorrow, one client exclaimed, “But I didn’t pack my winter coat for the cruise!”

The S.S. Nirvana continued to sail around Iceland and France for the remainder of ‘World Cruise Week’, with many already making suggestions for future cruises and destinations.

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Walking tour of Italy
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Delia’s spectacular one-woman show
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