14 October 2019

Colouring and reading with kids from Dalton Drive Early Learning Centre

For the past few weeks, the clients at Arcare Maroochydore have been getting some very special little visitors.

Every Monday, the children from Dalton Drive Early Learning Centre have been coming in to do some crafts, reading and colouring with the clients.

The clients commented that they always look forward to seeing the children and chatting with them.

For today’s activity in the theatre, we decided to do some reading and colouring.

Just after making their way through the door and into the aged care residence, there was a lot of excitement and chatter as the children could not wait to get started!

The children found their seats around their friends and got to work.

Together with the kids, the clients diligently picked up the coloured pencils and books.

The clients themselves also thoroughly enjoyed the activities with the children.

One of Arcare Maroochydore’s aged care clients Ernie used this time to share his lollies with the children, making sure they all had one.

The children were patient enough to queue up and wait their turn. What wonderful children, everyone thought.

After getting so much reading, colouring and chatting done, before we knew it, it was time for the children to head back down the road to get ready for their lunch.

It was wonderful to see the clients and the children getting along together so well!

You can be sure to see many more visits from the Dalton Drive Early Learning Centre!

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