22 October 2018

Community garden

Over the past month, clients from the Portarlington Community have been working with Winged Horse, a local equine rescue centre.

Winged Horse, a local not-for-profit, helps horses and ponies in Australia through raising awareness about issues relating to animal welfare, as well as rescuing and rehabilitating horses at risk.

Winged Horse have kindly donated an area of land where clients will work with leisure and health students from training provider Gen U to create a community garden.

While they are only in the planning stages, there have been many bright ideas including involving local primary schools and also selling the produce grown at local markets.

On their first visit to Winged Horse, the group were lucky enough to spend time with some of the locals.



Anne commented, ‘What an amazing place.’

Helen agreed and added, ‘This is just what I need, I love it’.


Seymour Safety


Twice a month the children from Portarlington Pre-School have been getting together with clients from Arcare Portarlington to participate in a program run in conjunction with the Kids Foundation.

The program promotes child safety with each session having a different theme from safety in the home to safety on a walk.

The program mascot Seymor Safety is the star of the show with his adventures that promote questions from the children to the clients about their experiences growing up.

During a recent visit, the children were amazed to hear John explain that when he was younger they didn’t have traffic lights.

After a few months of running the program the children are now familiar with the residents and greet them by name.

It’s not all about the life lessons learnt along the way, the get-togethers are also filled with laughter, stories and even singing.

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