20 May 2020

Community letters

In May, students from Mater Christi College’s Belgrave campus contacted the Arcare Knox community, as they were interested in starting up a pen pal program with a group of clients.

The community were thrilled by the offer, and quickly started working with the students to setup the program.

The lifestyle team scoped out a group of interested clients for the program, before sending their details onto the students.

Over 40 clients were interested in being involved, each very keen to start up a friendship with their matched student.

Later in the month, the first letters from the students arrived in mail, and the lifestyle team excitedly delivered them to all the clients.

The students had beautifully written personal letters to their clients, detailing their lives, family, friends hobbies, with some even including photos. All of the letters included a return address, with the students eagerly encouraging the clients to write back and stay safe during these trying times.

The clients were thrilled and their smiles said it all; many became so enthusiastic about the program, that they urged the lifestyle team to setup a group letter writing session the following week.

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