12 March 2020

Try competitive lawn bowling at Arcare Slacks Creek

There are a number of avid lawn bowlers at Arcare Slacks Creek who like to keep up with this hobby of theirs.

With our Carpet Bowls competition, things have been heating up with more bowlers and even more spectators joining in.

Many of our clients speak fondly of the game that was once a huge part of their lives, but believed they could no longer play as their mobility aids were not allowed on bowling greens.

As the saying goes, ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way’, the lifestyle team did some research and found a suitable location.

The Mt Gravatt Bowls club has an artificial green that won’t be damaged by wheels or walking sticks.

Clients Noela, Ruth and Dell, all former competitive bowlers relished the opportunity to get back on the green.

While our newer, more carpet-accustomed bowlers were initially a bit intimidated by the size of the bowls and the lawn.

Soon, everyone participated in a few friendly games and after a while, a few of the carpet bowlers decided to sit back and watch the experts play before heading inside for a lovely lunch.

As we ate steak sandwiches and watched the competitive bowlers, the clients reflected back on their glory days.

Before coming to Arcare Slacks Creek, Noela used to bowl several times a week with her team members at her local Camp Hill club.

Noela had played in many competitions here at Mt Gravatt and also travelled all over Australia competing with her team.

Dell also competed in many competitions and made many lasting friendships through lawn bowls.

Ruth was a casual bowler as she lived in a rural community with little competition.

Joy had never bowled before although she enjoyed watching her husband play and never felt compelled to try it herself until her friend at Arcare Slacks Creek urged her to come along to carpet bowls.

She has never missed a game since.

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