8 October 2020

Constantina & Josh share their love of cooking

The Arcare Templestowe team strongly believe in helping all residents maintain as much of their independence as possible when they move into aged care, and the team are committed to constantly finding new ways to ensure that all residents are able to continue all the activities that they enjoy.

One of the main activities that the Templestowe team actively encourages residents to participate in after moving in, is cooking. Residents are regularly invited into the residence’s kitchen to cook along the catering team and share their passion, knowledge, skills and recipes.

89 year old resident, Constantina has always had a passion for cooking and a love for sharing her delicious food and recipes with her friends and family. However after moving into aged care, Constantina began to miss being able to cook for herself and her family, and exercise her independence in the kitchen.

In July 2020, Constantina was introduced to head chef, Josh, who was determined to find a way to reignite Constantina’s passion and keep her cooking at Arcare Templestowe. In July, Josh and the lifestyle team invited Constantina to join them in the residence’s kitchen for an afternoon of traditional Greek cooking.

Since then, Josh has continued to regularly meet with Constantina for some one on one cooking time.

One of Constantina’s favourite recipes to cook is a traditional Greek dish, which is comprised of tomatoes, eggs and melted feta.

The heavenly aroma from Constantina’s cooking always becomes a talking point within the Arcare Templestowe community, as it quickly travels through the residence.

“You can tell that cooking believes [Constantina] so much joy,” Lifestyle coordinator, Kerryn said. “I really believe that enabling her to regularly cook, has made all the difference for her after moving into aged care.”

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