30 April 2021

Cooking up Aunty Phoebe’s fried rice recipe at Arcare Oatlands

In this week’s Cooking Class at Arcare Oatlands, Resident Phoebe shared with us the secrets to her yummy fried rice recipe.

Armed with white rice, mixed vegetables, butter, slices of ham, onion and shallots, the residents were ready to get to work.

Under the strict supervision of Phoebe, the residents chopped and sliced the ingredients to the right sizes and Lifestyle Assistant Maddy got ready to stir fry them.

The delicious smell filled the activity room and other team members and residents could not resist popping by to have a taste.

Besides adding pepper and salt to taste, Phoebe added in a special seasoning that she carries around in her bag.

Phoebe is from the city of Guangzhou in China and she used to make it for her family all the time.

When the residents were asked if they used to cook fried rice, Mary was quick to say that she always bought hers.

Phoebe’s special fried rice recipe was very popular among the residents and some looked forward to having seconds.

And in our next Cooking Class, Phoebe will show us the proper way to cook white rice.

Phoebe’s Fried Rice Recipe:

  1. Cut ham into small squares
  2. Slice onion into cubes
  3. Cook white rice separately
  4. Heat pan and add butter
  5. Once the butter is melted, stir the cooked white rice in
  6. Once the rice has softened and is coated with butter, remove from pan and put aside
  7. Melt butter in pan and stir fry the onion and ham, adding in the mixed vegetables and shallots gradually
  8. Once cooked, add salt, pepper and special seasoning
  9. Add the rice in and use more butter, if needed

fried rice fried rice