17 June 2021

Cooking with Arcare Templestowe

Arcare Templestowe’s catering team works diligently to provide 5-star, fresh and nutritious meals to all residents on a daily basis, and individual nutrition and dietary requirements are planned in collaboration with dietitians and health professionals as required.

The Arcare Templestowe community enjoy cooking and value delicious and nutritious food, and that’s why Head Chef, Josh works closely with the residents to plan their meals and menu. Monthly food focus meetings are held, so that residents can review the food and provide any and all feedback to Josh directly.

The team values and respects the vast food knowledge and cooking experiences of the Arcare Templestowe residents, and work to ensure that all residents interests, skills, experiences and knowledge are supported.

Regular cooking groups, demonstrations and even competitions are incorporated into the lifestyle program, to give any interested residents an outlet to share their passion, knowledge, skill and history.

One of the community’s favourite lifestyle activities is their monthly cooking demonstrations. Born during 2020 lockdown, the community cooking competitions have become an exciting community event, which residents look forward to every month.

During a recent demonstration, Head Chef, Josh made pesto focaccias at the request of a few Italian residents.

Using a portable oven and benchtop, Josh prepared the focaccias in the large foyer, so that as many residents could gather around to watch at a safe distance.

Josh’s focaccias were a winner with the residents, with many commending his olive pairing.

Next time month, the team are hoping to do an interactive demonstration with the residents, and work alongside them to make fresh pasta.

However the residents don’t have to wait until next month to get cooking, as additional cooking groups will run throughout the month, and residents are able to book in one on one cooking time with lifestyle coordinator, Kerryn anytime.

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