22 September 2020

Coral is getting back on her feet at Arcare Springwood

After months of practicing at Arcare Springwood, Coral’s dream to get back on her feet and overcome a physical challenge became a reality for her today.

Working alongside Allied Health Assistant John, Coral was able to walk twenty steps with the Elbow Support Frame (ESF)!

With John’s caring guidance, Coral was able to strengthen her body day by day and eventually work up to achieving her goal.

Although it has been a gradual process and an emotional rollercoaster at times; ultimately, it was Coral’s determination and John’s encouragement that kept her going.

To us, twenty steps may seem like a walk in the park.

But to Coral, these twenty steps make a world of difference.

Achieving her goal has given her a newfound sense of confidence and everyone at Arcare Springwood is happy to see Coral getting back on her feet!

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