31 October 2019

Creating unique jerseys for Melbourne Cup at Arcare North Shore

The clients of Arcare North Shore were very excited for the Melbourne Cup as they eagerly decorated miniature versions of the jockey’s jersey.

Using different mediums such as paper, glitter, cotton wool, coloured pens and pencils and even pearls, each jersey was totally unique.

Some clients chose the traditional route and created masterpieces based on existing jersey’s colours.

Others however, utilised their imagination and created a jersey fit only for them!

The jerseys were bright, glittery, glowing and extravagant!

The clients all had a great time socialising and expressing their creative side.

However, some were also getting into the competitive mood of the Melbourne Cup.

There was some sort of table rivalry going on as they competed to decorate the best jersey shirt!

“I’m number one! You can’t beat that!” Yvonne said.

These craft activities are a great way for the clients to make friends, socialise and have some good fun.

After the craft activity, the clients were all prepared for the race that stops the nation!

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