2 November 2020

Creepy costume competition for Halloween at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

The community of Arcare Eight Mile Plains celebrated Halloween in October by holding a creepy costume competition.

Both Christine Griffith and Rayline Wessling tied for 1st place while Michael Nelligan won 2nd place.

Going about her daily tasks, Food Services Assistant Christine wore a very realistic bloody hospital gown and face mask.

Dressed in white and covered in face paint, Lifestyle Co-ordinator Fonzie was also a scary sight to see around the residence as he held onto his walking stick and tombstone!

While Lifestyle Assistant Lenore wore an enchanting witches’ outfit, complete with a pointy hat.

During their afternoon karaoke sessions, residents were kept entertained by two singing ghosts.

Residents and team members in our Eight Mile Plains community had a lot of fun dressing up, admiring each other’s costumes and celebrating Halloween with their creepy costume competition.

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