11 March 2021

Customised door decals for our Dementia Community at Arcare Pimpama

Residents in Laurel, our Dementia community at Arcare Pimpama have been decorating their suite doors with customised decals.

And it was in the early morning that Resident Mavis received her very own.

After Mavis and I had applied the peacock decal to her door, Mavis cried and said to me, “What did I do to deserve this?”

So, I reminded her of what a beautiful person she is, which brought a smile to her face.

Mavis was so excited to show off her new door that she brought people around and told them how beautiful it was and how it brightened the residence up.

Then, she did something that she has never done before.

Mavis rarely walks past her own room due to anxiety, but this time, Mavis confidently walked down the length of the corridor to admire the other door decals.

She also spent some time chatting to the other residents about their decals.

From decals depicting floral wreaths to cowboy saloons, the residents in our Arcare Pimpama community are loving their customised doors.

[Written from the perspective of Residence Manager Vicki]

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