9 March 2016

Dear Abbey – Internet dating

Dear Abbey,

I am a lady in her mid-60s and have found that a good friend has been meeting someone she met on the internet.
I am concerned that he is isolating her from me as she avoids me meeting him and she tells me little about him. She spends a lot of time talking to him on the computer and I am worried he is trying to take advantage of her.
Should I push her to get more information? I am worried she will cut me off if I do this!

Very Worried


Abbeys: This can be a very troubling time for you as there are so many women being taken advantage of over the internet. We suggest you try talking with your friend over a coffee, and let her know exactly how worried you are. Be specific and tell her what exactly it is that worries you about this.

Audrey: You might also try talking with her family (if she has any) and ask them to talk to your friend as well. If she is isolating herself from you, she may also be doing the same with her family. It’s worth a shot.

Abbeys: Above all, there really isn’t much more that you can do, just let her know that you will be there if things come to the worst. Good luck with it all!

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