24 February 2016

Dear Abbey – Sponge flop

Dear Abbeys,

Please help.
Every time I cook a sponge cake it comes out of the oven looking lovely and spongy, but they are always dry. I have tried different recipes but always to the same result.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Sponge Flop


Abbeys: It sounds like you might be overcooking it.

Audrey: Turn the oven off for five to ten minutes before it is fully cooked, then leave it in the oven to settle.

Dulcie: Make sure you are using at least four eggs. You must use a little bit of cornflour as well as normal flour. ¾ normal flour to ¼ cornflour should do the trick.

Alice: To keep a sponge moist, make sure you beat it a lot. Maybe you can put some fruit in it or even a squirt of orange juice in the mixture.

Abbeys: Let us know how you get on when you make it next.

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