9 May 2019

Dianne the First Fleeter

“To live on in the hearts and minds of descendants is to live an eternal life” is the belief of the First Fleeters, an organisation bringing together those descendants of settlers responsible for the colonisation of Australia.

Dianne East, a resident of Arcare Maroochydore is proud member of the Fellowship First Fleeters, and she explained why the fellowship was established in 1968.

“The Fellowship is an organisation comprised of descendants of those who arrived in Sydney Cove with the First Fleet on 26th January 1788. I am descended from those who arrived and who are called the First Fleeters and my family came of the Sirius ship” Dianne explained as she pointed the picture of the ship she has on her shelf in her room. According to the membership requirements, it is open to anyone who can prove his or her relationship to a First Fleeter – convict, marine, seaman or Government Official.

“It has over 8000 descendants who have established their lineage and joined the Fellowship, I was told when I joined” she said. “We are one of the 136 families linked to the First Fleet arriving in Australia and I am proud to be a descendant of this great land we call home.”

“My family and I went to the organisation after we had researched our heritage asked to join the organisation. We so excited to find that our family came on the Sirius and I am proud to be a First Fleeter,” she said.



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