28 May 2020

Digital pet therapy at Arcare Glenhaven

Instead of visiting the residence with their pets, the wonderful pet therapy volunteers from Hills Pet Buddies decided to put together a heartwarming slideshow for the clients at Arcare Glenhaven.

In the slideshow, they had included photos of the owners and their dogs and personal messages written by the owners.

Their messages also included funny and witty captions related to COVID-19 that tied in really with the photos, one examples was of how the dogs are carrying on with their daily lives without physical visits.

The clients all got together to watch the slideshow and as the photos were displayed, they openly chatted and reminisced about the times the pet therapy animals could come and visit them.

Everyone had a great laugh at the variety of dog photos that were sent through as some of the volunteers had even dressed up their dogs for the occasion.

Even though Hills Pet Buddies were unable to physically visit the residence, their digital visit through the slideshow warmed everybody’s heart and brought a smile to all our faces.

‘How very thoughtful of them to think of us during this time and to actually make the effort to put something together even though they cannot visit!’ a client commented.

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