20 July 2021

Doug’s words on joining the Arcare community

Arcare Essendon resident Doug is a man who knows a great deal about woodwork and craftsmanship. When he heard that Arcare was building a residence in the suburb he knows and loves, he went and had a chat to the foreman of the job.

“I’ve always liked working with timber,” he discusses, as he touches on his past in the area. He went to a local technical school where he developed his skills in woodwork and then ran his own woodworking shop in Brunswick. When he saw Arcare being built, he walked right up to the foreman of the job and got an inside scoop.

“Then when my niece said that she had bought me a place, and that this was it, I almost shed a tear or two,” he says. Doug’s vibrant personality is most welcomed in the Arcare community and we are honoured to have his expertise residing with us. Watch the video to hear Doug’s words about being welcomed into the Arcare community and what that meant for him.