23 April 2020

Dressed in camo for Wacky Wednesday at Glenhaven

This week at Arcare Glenhaven, clients and team members dressed up in camo for the Wacky Wednesday theme, leading up to ANZAC day.

Many of the team members were dressed in dark camouflage colours, boots and even face paint to help disguise them.

Some of Arcare Glenhaven’s clients are men and women who have served in the armed forces or have had partners who served, so they all thought it was a great theme for this week.

This week’s camo theme also served to remind clients and team members that ANZAC day is on Saturday.

The clients had some great laughs as they watched the team members go about their usual shift dressed in army attire.

Some of the clients even found it fun to salute them as they walked by.

One of the clients Merv was keen to get involved in the fun so he was given a bandana to match.

We enjoyed another day of dressing up and everyone is looking forward to next week’s theme of 50 Shades of Blue. Hopefully it is an easier theme to dress up to!

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