22 June 2020

The Endeavour cruise

On Thursday 4th June, the Arcare Malvern East community hit the high seas, with team member, Jocelyne organising a immersive cruise ship experience for the clients.

Team members dressed as cabin crew for the day, as clients were invited to board Arcare Malvern East’s cruise ship, the Endeavour to sail all over the Pacific Ocean.

The community started in Nouvelle Caledonia and stopped in Fiji. Some clients brought duty free alcohol, perfume and chocolates at the stalls at the team had setup. At each new location, the clients were given an overview of the history, culture and tourist hotspots, as they were transported via their imagination.

The cruise ship stopped then again in New Zealand, where the clients hopped off the boat to explore the sites.

At lunchtime, the clients boarded the ship to enjoy a multicultural lunch and show-stopping performance from the crew.

The Endeavour experienced smooth sailing throughout the day, and everyone was very happy to be involved. The crew always had a smile on their faces and the clients enjoyed the bonding experience as well as sharing their own travel stories.

“As a team member, I respect and value our clients. I enjoy learning about them and forming new relationships. I look after the clients at Arcare Malvern East as I would my own parents. I enjoy coming to work to put a smile on their face, especially when I can do something a little bit extra special for them such as the Fashion Parades and the cruise ship experience.” Jocelyne said.

Arcare Aged Care Malvern East Endeavour Cruise

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