17 October 2019

Enjoying a wonderful Spring Picnic in the park at Arcare Taigum

On this beautiful day, Arcare Taigum held a Spring Picnic in the park for clients and their families.

The weather good that day as it was slightly overcast with no rain and a cool breeze.

The lifestyle and maintenance teams headed to the park to set up all the tables and chairs for the event.

While clients and their families waited patiently in our residence café to be escorted to the park.

Once everyone had arrived, lifestyle, volunteers and the residence manager served various finger food and juice poppers to the picnic-goers.

The delicious food was all prepared by the chefs in the Arcare kitchen.

During the picnic, there was lots of chatting and laughter as everyone reminisced about their favourite picnic activities.

Soon after finishing their lunches, it was time for some games!

Clients and their families were grouped together and assigned to go on a nature scavenger hunt.

The lifestyle team had already prepared a scavenger hunt form for them to tick off what they found.

“It’s always nice to get out in the fresh air. And this is such a wonderful event at a such a wonderful park for the kids.” client Mavis said.

While the older kids were enjoying the scavenger hunt, Janelle, Arcare Taigum’s residence manager had a special treat for the little ones.

She began blowing bubbles while the children excitedly ran around the playgrounds chasing the bubbles.

Cathy, the lifestyle coordinator and Janelle also took residents to the wheelchair swing in the park.

They then proceeded to test all the playground equipment out, even having a slippery dip race to everyone’s amusement.

“Thank you for organising this picnic event today!” some family members also said.

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