9 March 2021

Family means everything to Zina at our Arcare Glenhaven community

Resident Zina in our Arcare Glenhaven community always looks forward to video calling her daughter Veronica.

Veronica resides in America, so finding the right time to catch up with one another can be difficult.

However, prior to moving into our community, Zina shared with us that she would like to see her daughter every week.

So, the Lifestyle team arranged for weekly video calls to take place between mother and daughter.

Besides video calling her family, Zina enjoys reading, spending time with friends at the residence and chatting to team members about her life.

Growing in Communist Russia, Zina experienced hardship and heartache when they lost their land, their friends and their home.

And from that experience, Zina shared with us that family is everything to her.

She cherishes every moment she has with them, even if it is through a video call.zina