4 December 2019

Farewell to Residence Manager Janelle at Arcare Taigum

On Monday the 2nd of December, clients and team members gathered in the dining room for a special farewell morning tea for Janelle.

She has been the Residence Manager at Arcare Taigum since it opened.

The morning tea started with two of the clients giving speeches on behalf of all the clients.

Client Jean gave a jovial speech that made everyone laugh.

While Renie’s speech was a tearjerker as you could hear sniffling all around the room.

Jean and Renie both thanked Janelle for being a great manager as she was always willing to help where help was needed.

After the speeches, Lifestyle Coordinator Cathy presented Janelle with gifts that the clients had specifically chosen, along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Then it was Janelle’s turn to give a speech.

In her speech, she shared stories from her many years at the residence and reminded the clients that she will miss them.

As a whole, she had enjoyed her time as Residence Manager of Taigum and she will surely miss her time at the residence!

After her farewell speech, Janelle cut the cake and soon, morning tea was served.

During the morning tea, Janelle took this opportunity to go from table to table, saying her personal goodbyes.

As she went around, many of the clients shared a hug with her.

You could hear the heartfelt wishes and joyous laughter as they remembered the good times that they have shared.

During her time at Arcare Taigum, Janelle has formed many wonderful friendships with both clients and team members.

From cheeky chats during lunches to daily morning meetings, Janelle has certainly made a positively big impact on everyone at the residence.

And farewells are never easy but we look forward to hearing all about the new chapter in her life.

We wish you all the best, Janelle!

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