10 November 2020

Filming ‘Letters of Gratitude’ at Arcare Seven Hills

On Friday, 30 October 2020, a small group of residents and team members in our Arcare Seven Hills community took part in the filming of Arcare’s Letters of Gratitude TV advertisement.

After a number of screen tests and casting calls, residents June, Vicki and Bob, Residence Manager Bish, Café Attendant Melinda and Personal Support Worker Soiksha were selected.

An Arcare-first, the campaign features recordings from real families reading their letters of gratitude to our incredible team members.

Once the Letters of Gratitude TV advertisement was finalised and broadcasted, residents and team members at Seven Hills were one of the first to watch its premiere.

‘Oh, that’s me! I can’t believe how well it turned out. I had a lot of fun that day,’ resident June said.

While resident Bob was very excited to give his daughter, who lives in Victoria a quick call to inform her that her dad was a star!

‘When’s the next filming? If you need me, you better call my manager!’ Bob joked.

Arcare’s Letters of Gratitude TV advertisement will be broadcasted in Victoria from 8 November to 5 December 2020, on channels that include 7TWO Melbourne, GEM, 9 Life and SBS Food.

So, keep a lookout for it on TV and share it with your families and friends!

Again, we thank our incredible team members for their hard work and dedication during these times.