24 February 2016

Finding a career path at Arcare Delbridge

At such a young age, most school students are still unsure of what industry they would like to work in. Recently however, a student from Copperfield College told her teacher that after a visit to the Arcare Delbridge Community in Sydenham, she is now set on her future career path.

The student had been thinking of pursuing a career in midwifery and after speaking to Mary, who used to work as a midwife, she was inspired to follow in her footsteps. Mary was able to answer some questions the student had and share her own experiences, giving the student a great insight into the field.

Many other students also had the opportunity to learn from the Delbridge Community over four weeks. Each Friday afternoon, a group from the College worked towards creating a book about ‘me and my new friend’, an activity which encouraged both residents and students to learn about each other’s lives.

Some of the students sang for the residents and on the final week, an afternoon tea was put on. The students even set the table and stayed behind to do the dishes. It was an invaluable experiences for the students who received some great advice.

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