25 May 2016

Finding love at Arcare Craigieburn

It was fate when Phyllis moved across the hallway from Pat at Arcare Craigieburn. A classic example of love at first sight, Pat said ‘I saw her in the dining room sitting with her friend. I thought she was a really good looking lady so I walked over and introduced myself.’

This affection for Phyllis only grew and soon other people began to notice. ‘I would take Pat’s blood pressure and it would sky rocket every time Phyllis would walk past his room,’ a nurse said.

A few months after that first initial meeting, Phyllis and Pat decided to make their relationship official to loved ones and they haven’t looked back.

‘Pat makes me laugh,’ Phyllis said. Phyllis turned to Pat and replied ‘We get along pretty well don’t we? That’s the main thing as long as you get on with each other.’

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