8 July 2019

First impressions when you step through the doors of Arcare Sanctuary Manors

This story is written by Kathy Willmington, Volunteer at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

First impressions are the decider to many of our life’s major decisions and I want to praise our wonderful receptionist Melissa at Arcare Sanctuary Manors for her wonderful welcoming manner that makes everyone feel at ease as they walk through our five-star foyer.

Melissa may just be a receptionist to some, a lady that takes care of just about everything, from visitors, deliveries, tradesman, to managing phone calls, doctor’s appointments, team members rosters, fixing problems that might arise, attending to the secretarial duties that one could imagine to be of vast nature, however her presence is much more than that of one busy lady.

I look forward to walking through the door of this sprawling wonderful aged care residence here at Sanctuary Manors each week, as besides the fact that I love surrounding myself with the beautiful home away from home, I know for sure that when I arrive there will be a smiling face and a happy Good Morning exchange from Melissa who is perched at the front reception area busy doing a myriad of duties.

She shares her smile and her time in the most wonderful way not only with me, but with those who call this place their home and live here permanently. I know that for new clients coming through the front door – a genuine welcome first impression is imperative – signalling what Arcare Lifestyle has to offer.

Let’s all recognise and celebrate our Receptionists, they are our representatives of our fantastic company that offers much more to our clients than just bed and breakfast.

A big tribute goes to you Melissa for your work ethic and lovely caring spirit- which is needed in a world where sometimes these attributes are forgotten.

Melissa makes the impossible possible everyday- and I am sure the same goes for other receptionists busy at their desks on a daily basis at all our Arcare residences.

Why not try introducing yourself to the residence receptionist the next time you are popping in?

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