20 May 2019

Flood relief for our Arcare North Shore family

After the devastating floods that Townsville had earlier this year, the recovery for many is well under way, especially at Arcare North Shore.

Many people had suffered great losses of their belongings and personal possessions, with some even losing their homes.

During the disaster, here at North Shore we did everything we could to help our local community.

But what touched our hearts the most was the wonderful donation from the Arcare family at Taigum, Brisbane.

They were able to raise funds for us and give us the financial support we needed.

This helped us to see that we are not lonely and that we had the strong support from our Arcare family all over Queensland.

This donation actually bought tears to some of the ladies affected as they could not believe the generosity of others.

If there is one thing that we have learnt from the Townsville floods, it is that objects can be replaced but the lives spared and the friendships made over that time can never be replaced.

We cannot thank everyone enough for their thoughts, prayers and donations for us who were in need.



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