27 August 2018

Forest secrets

Five ladies from the Brighton Community – Hilda, Joan, Jeanne, Gill and Betty – joined Margaret and Sally for a trip to the Melbourne Museum in August.

The journey there was almost as entertaining as the destination itself; as the group was surprised to see the construction work happening along on St Kilda Road.

Joan commented, ‘It’s not what it used to be!’

Once arriving at the museum, the ladies decided to get lunch to fuel up for the afternoon. It was a great opportunity for people watching as toddlers, school children, parents, grandparents and tourists were among the visitors.

The forest gallery was a stop that everyone wanted to tick off on their list of things to see. Behind a glass door, a tranquil forest – complete with wildlife, rare plants and ferns – made you forget that you were still in the heart of the city.

The smell of damp earth and sounds of birds chirping added to the atmosphere.

As the group headed back to the bus at the end of the afternoon, they admired the old exhibition building and the expansive gardens around it.


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