5 April 2015

Fostering Friends

The Fostered Friends idea began when the Peregian Dance School reached out to the Arcare Peregian Springs community in the name of developing friendship between generations.

The idea was to match each student with an elder so they could learn about one another and become friends. Students wrote a story about themselves and included a picture. This was then use to match up an elder who had a similar personality or interest. For example Mei Mei and Betty Bluett both love to talk and Alfie and Marian both have English heritage.

In the first meeting the students, all aged between nine and eleven, spent time with their resident friend swapping stories, getting to know each other and performing one of their beautiful dances.

Fostered Friends is still going strong because of the enduring bond between the residents, the dancers and their families. When the dancers visit they play to a packed audience every time.

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