17 May 2018

Founding Community of Arcare Oatlands

Since welcoming their first clients in late March 2018, Arcare Oatlands has continued to grow in size and spirit. On Friday 4 May, the first of the Oatlands’ clients, their family members and the Arcare Team gathered to celebrate the founding community of Arcare Oatlands.

The celebration included a heart-warming speech from Manager Louise Temminghoff, and the ceremonial cutting of the ‘Arcare Oatlands’ cake with clients, Elaine and Arthur.

‘Together, the residents, their families and our Arcare team have created such a special community and we are looking forward to welcoming many new clients to our Oatlands family,’ Louise said.

Everyone enjoyed the cake and great conversation in the afternoon sun, which was topped off with laughter when Elaine joked that her glass of water was the wrong colour – it should have been red wine! Lucky enough, the clients’ Happy Hour was just around the corner, and they came together at the Arcare café for a glass of wine and tasty cheese platters shortly after the community celebration.


May, wife of client Mr Lee, loved the celebration. ‘It was great to encourage everyone to meet and get to know each other,’ she said. ‘It’s true, there is a great sense of community here.’

There was a great vibe at the celebration, with clients and team members both meeting new people and sparking new conversations – some even in French! Arcare team member Matt Archdall was visiting from Melbourne and was lucky enough to learn some French from client Reneh and her family at the celebration. As Reneh cannot speak English, sharing her language with others at Oatlands was exciting for her.

As the day marked another special milestone in the Oatlands story, the occasion called for photos. The Arcare Oatlands team had a group photo together, in which client Fayez also insisted he got a snap, and everyone was very impressed when he pulled out his iPhone, ready to capture the moment.

The mechanics involved in aged care involves such a vast range of jobs, skills and professions, all which work together around the clock. The celebration brought all of these employees together, including team members who otherwise may not usually see each other, giving everyone a moment to sit back and appreciate the great environment they have created together at Oatlands.


The event focused on acknowledging and celebrating the small, close-knit community at Arcare Oatlands who are creating and shaping a unique lifestyle for themselves and all future clients. The input from the clients contribute to the ongoing development of exciting activities and initiatives that will make the Oatlands community unique, remembering that each client is unique in their own experiences, interests and skills.

Most Arcare residences around Australia boast large communities of well over 100 clients and team members, but as Arcare Oatlands is still quite new, each new client and family joining the residence is significant to the foundation of the Oatlands community. Knowing that every person has a different story, different past and different live experiences, it is exciting to imagine what kind of activities and stories will flourish at Oatlands as clients continue to get to know each other and share their interests with the team. More importantly, the future will reflect the clients’ interests, appreciating their past and allowing them to share it with others, now.

The clients and team truly appreciated the celebration and recognition as the founding community of Arcare Oatlands. While the community will continue to grow, those who first walked through the doors at Arcare Oatlands will share special relationships with the team and each other, as they were all there for the many ‘firsts’ and milestones, where clients and staff alike had to learn their way around the residence together, sharing everyday life and making memories.

In saying so, everyone at Oatlands is excited to welcome new clients and their families to the residence, to bring more ideas, memories, and activities to enhance the Oatlands lifestyle. Arcare Oatlands has the capacity to welcome 110 clients to complete the community. And while the everyday life at the residence would be different with 110 community members, there will also be 110 unique stories to be shared and 110 new relationships to be valued between clients, their families and the Arcare Team.

Since the celebration new volunteers and clients have joined the Oatlands family, eager to contribute and make new friends.

‘Sometimes all it takes is a smile from someone as you walk down the corridor to remind you why the Oatlands community is so wonderful,’ said Louise Temminghoff.

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