12 March 2020

Feeling fulfilled after a trip to the nursery with Arcare Slacks Creek

Usually, when a new client moves into the Arcare Slacks Creek residence, they will often share with us the things they will miss doing the most.

And when they do that, the Lifestyle Team gets to work to add the new activity in the lifestyle calendar.

In one instance, clients Joy and Dell shared with us that they miss visiting their local nurseries with friends and catching up over a cup of coffee.

Luckily, Arcare Slacks Creek is just a short drive to the beautiful Neilsen’s Nursery, which has a wide variety of plants, a café and even an aquarium!

The clients enjoyed looking at the amazing salt and freshwater creatures including, sea urchins, starfish and seahorses.

For Joy, it was the first time she had seen a seahorse and she was absolutely fascinated by them.

After picking up some plants and looking all over the nursery aquarium, we sat down to enjoy a lovely lunch among native floral and fauna.

Joy and Dell’s request of going to nursery may seem simple to many, however it is important to all of us at Arcare Slacks Creek that we do our best to meet the needs and wants of the clients.

Moving into Arcare aged care mean you have the opportunity to do more of what you love, to keep enjoying different experiences and to gain a sense of fulfillment in doing so.

We strive to support clients in leading lives as active and as fulfilling as they choose.

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