11 February 2020

Fun in the sun

In January, several clients from Arcare Sydenham’s sensitive care unit requested that they be taken down to Williamstown Beach for a bit of fun in the sun.

After reviewing the weather, the date was set, and the clients were overjoyed and began looking forward to their beach day.

Quickly the day arrived, and six eager clients piled onto the bus with sunscreen, hats, thongs and sunnies in hand. For what would normally be a short bus trip, turned into a scenic drive, as the freeway was closed and the group was detoured several times. However no seemed to care, as everyone enjoyed taking in the sights of the day.

The weather was perfect; it wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. The warm sun brought out smiles on everyone’s face. However the beauty of the beach and the lovely weather, was quickly overshadowed by the clients’ rumbling bellies.

“I think it’s time for lunch.” One client exclaimed.

The hungry clients couldn’t wait to dig into their fish n chip lunch packets. “Mmm the fish is very fresh.” Wendy said.

After everyone had finished with their lunch, the group walked together along the beach.

While walking along the beach, client, Anthony said, “Why can’t we come here more often?” Lifestyle coordinator, Victoria reassured the group that they would be coming back, as soon as the weather was perfect again.

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