20 August 2020

Gardening out in the sunshine at Arcare Caboolture

Clients at Arcare Caboolture spent the best part of the morning gardening in the great outdoors.

They cleared weeds and replanted flowers and vegetables in the raised garden beds within the courtyards of our community.

The weather was perfect and after having morning tea and cake in the sun, we got to work!

Many intrusive weeds were pulled out and after the soil was turned, we were ready to put in our new plants.

One garden bed had a healthy bunch of snapdragons growing, so we added some sweet peas and petunias to complete the flower garden.

There were also a number of tomato plants grown from seed, which we transplanted into the vegetable bed.

In there, we planted more tomatoes, spring onions and parsley, and watered them to ensure they would adjust well to their new home.

Our garden beds looked absolutely wonderful after we were finished and everyone involved had a lovely time outside.

Seeing their courtyard filled with beautiful plants and getting our hands dirty brought back many wonderful memories of playing in childhood backyards and planting in the garden with our own families.

After a while, some of the clients even discovered for the first time that they possessed a ‘green thumb!’

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