10 September 2020

Gardening to celebrate Spring at Arcare Oatlands

Clients at Arcare Oatlands have been looking forward to ‘celery-brating’ in warmer weather and sunny Spring days and today, they got to do just that.

The clients gathered for their first Gardening Group of Spring and planted a variety of seeds for their vegetable and flower garden beds.

It was such a wonderful feeling for them as they enjoyed the warmth of the sun and felt the earth on their hands.

‘Thyme’ flew by as chatted away happily and shared some ‘sage’ gardening advice with one another.

‘What a perfect day to be outside in the garden!’ Sydney said.

The Gardening Group at Arcare Oatlands will be gathering on a regular weekly basis to tend to their new plants and to take care of the surrounding gardens in the courtyard.

We are all ‘rooting’ for them as we look forward to seeing our gardens and courtyards brimming with life!

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