31 August 2020


11 year old, Purebred Lakeland Terrier, Gertie recently started visiting the Arcare Caulfield with her owner, residence manager, Deanne. Deanne started to bring Gertie into work with her during lockdown, to provide the residents at Arcare Caulfield with some companionship and pet therapy.Gertie now visits the Caulfield community on a weekly basis.

Gertie’s calm and friendly nature has made her an excellent companion for many of the residents, with many asking, if she could sit with them for pats and cuddle. Some even enjoy taking Gertie for walks around the residence.

“I sometimes wonder about who takes who for a walk,” Resident, Harold jokes. “I love seeing Gertie, she brightens up my day and makes me laugh when I see her around the residence.”

Gertie has quickly become a popular presence with the Arcare Caulfield community, with many requesting that Deanne to bring her in more often, some joking that they should put Gertie on the payroll.

“The residents absolutely love her, and she is very placid with them. They all love a pat, but I think that Ted is secretly her favourite.” Deanne says.

76-year-old Arcare Caulfield resident, Ted and furry community member, Gertie have become inseparable, after spending time in lockdown together.

Gertie has become a wonderful companion for Ted, as they often enjoy sitting together, going to lifestyle activities, and cuddling up for some pats.

Ted and Gertie have formed a lovely friendship, so much so, that Gertie now independently goes off to find Ted throughout the day. Without fail every time, Gertie trots down the halls and finds Ted and his suite all on her own.

“I love it when Gertie takes up the whole bed but leaves me a little bit of room. I am happy to share with her. Gertie yawns and sleeps a lot.” Ted says.

On the average Winter’s afternoon now, the pair can be found cuddled up together on Ted’s bed, watching some TV.

“For many of the residents, it allows them time to share memories of pets they have loved. We hear many stories of shenanigans pets have gotten up to in the past. The clients love her soft ears and her little teddy bear face.” Deanne says.

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