11 December 2018

Getting inked

Beth, a client at Arcare Knox, has always wanted a tattoo – it’s been on her bucket list.

During a recent visit, Beth’s sister Anne made that happen. Well, temporarily.

She brought with her a temporary tattoo so that Beth could get a feel for what one would be like.

‘We were looking at Beth’s life story book and it included her bucket list. So I thought a tattoo, why not?’ Anne said.

Anne said that if she could get a tattoo artist to come out to Arcare Knox then she would but in the meantime the temporary tattoo would have to do.

Lifestyle Coordinator Jacqueline said, ‘In my years working in aged care, this is the first tattoo or temporary tattoo I have seen someone get. What a great idea!’

Perhaps 2019 is the year Beth gets the real deal!

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