15 May 2020

Giuseppe & Salvatore

During the precautionary lockdown at Arcare Maidstone, Italian clients, Giuseppe and Salvatore both enjoyed popping in to catch-up, reminisce and share stories with the lifestyle team.

The pair shared their cooking secrets, love for food and desserts, referring where you can find the best cannoli’s, sundried tomatoes and pizza in Italy.

From their favourite foods to where the best tourist attractions and hidden gems are in Italy, Giuseppe and Salvatore discussed all things Italy with the lifestyle team.

While they both agreed that Sicily is a charming must-visit town, Salvatore argued that Catania, Palermo and Toarmina were equally worth seeing, while Giuseppe said that the beaches along the Tyrrhenian Sea were absolutely breathtaking.

The lifestyle team then brought out the community’s world travel book, to discuss Italy further.

Giuseppe and Salvatore were both so proud to be able to share where they came from and all their knowledge with the lifestyle team.

“These types of engagements are priceless and most rewarding, when your clients come to you and decide they want to chat. No particular time, just when they feel like it. I guess that’s what the lifestyle teams in all Arcare communities are about, and known for; we support our clients in every way.” Lifestyle coordinator, Mary said.

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