3 October 2019

Glenhaven’s 2nd Birthday Celebrations

The sun was shining and the weather was warm, perfect for Arcare Glenhaven‘s 2nd birthday celebrations.

The lifestyle team spent the morning preparing the courtyard with beautiful decorations, balloons, bunting, streamers and even a piñata. Everything was set and ready to go.

The day started with activities to promote Dementia Awareness as September is also Dementia Awareness month, so the residents took part in activities such as brain training, Japanese speaking class, pet therapy and Tai Chi.

There was hustle and bustle all around the facility. Residents making their way to activities, carers assisting, lifestyle members running classes; it was all happening.

Lunch time rolled around and everyone made their way to the courtyard. Once all the residents were seated, the team went around handing out a BBQ lunch. The music was playing, the drinks were flowing, and everyone was happy.

After a busy morning, everyone was happy to sit back and relax in the sunshine for a bit.

After everyone had finished eating the birthday cake was wheeled into the centre of the courtyard. The first two residents Annabelle Wanigasekera and Nora Fahmy were invited to come up and cut the cake.

After the cut was cut the games began. The piñata was first, the residents took turns in sitting in a chair and smacking the piñata as hard as they could.

A couple of residents took turns in whacking the pinata but did not have any luck, it was Betty Cutler who broke the pinata and sent lollies flying.

Next up it was time for Twister. The staff formed teams to verse each other while to residents took turns in calling out the next instructions. There were roars of laughter as members twisted themselves up amongst each other and fell to the floor.

‘I loved seeing the staff get involved with the games, it was very funny to watch’.

To round out the celebrations the afternoon was spent relaxing while watching a concert in the courtyard.


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